Sunday, April 20, 2014

Y's Men of Westport/Weston




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Welcome to our large and active semi-retired and retired men’s organization. We are over 450 members sharing the common desire of a continued life of fun, fellowship and fulfillment through community service.

The motto of  Y’s Men is “Enlightenment, Fellowship, Community Service.” Enlightenment is achieved through attending the Thursday meetings, hearing distinguished speakers, participating in such activities as the International Discussion Group, the Investment Club, The Macintosh Round Table, various tutorials, and taking any number of cultural day trips. Fellowship is enjoyed at monthly dinners at local restaurants, our annual holiday party, weekly summer evening picnics at Compo Beach, singing with The Hoot Owls, hiking, gardening, boating, golfing, bowling, skiing, photography, playing bridge, backgammon, tennis, ping pong plus participating in the many extra “trips and events.” Community service ranges from Meals on Wheels to delivering food to Westport community centers, assisting with community clean-up programs, driving the elderly to doctor appointments, volunteering at the annual Library Book Sale, student mentoring and many more by-request activities that we regularly support. 

To most enjoy your experience with our Y’s Men:

 Attend our weekly Thursday meetings - there are usually at least 150 there to socialize and enjoy our  speakers.

 Join many of the 25 offered activities and clubs - there is something for everyone. 

 Visit our Website often and read our Newsletter.

 After meeting a new Y’s Man, visit the Website Directory and learn more about him. Help out with Community Service programs, the Holiday Party, the Annual Picnic and the Memorial Day Float teams. 


Most of our members are very active - you will find many friends within our club.  


Brian Strong,