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Camera Club: The main objective of the Camera Club is to encourage Yʼs Men to participate in and enjoy photography. We do this by having lectures on the subject, “show and tells”, field trips, competitions, showings and displays of membersʼ work, all in a congenial atmosphere. Our members have a broad range of skill levels.

We generally meet the second and fourth Tuesday of the month in the basement meeting room of the Seton Academy located to the left of the main building on the St. Vincent's Behavioral Hospital (Hall Brooke) campus.

Update - May 3, 2017

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EXPO Rules 2017

Y’s MEN Camera Club Fourteenth Annual Photographic Exhibition Co-sponsored by the Westport Center for Senior Activities Located at the Westport Center for Senior Activities 21 Imperial Avenue, Westport October 16, 2017 to January 13, 2018
ELIGIBILITY – Open to Y’s Men members, their spouses, and Senior Center participants. Photos must be original work of the entrant and not previously shown at a Y’s Men Annual Exhibition. Professional photographer entries may be displayed, but not judged. “Professionals” are persons who solicit or promote their photos for sale on an ongoing basis.
MEDIA OR FORMAT – Black and white or color prints, from film or digital images, including smart phone images.
PRESENTATION – Prints must be mounted using a 16”x20” white mat board. The opening in the mat must allow for a 1” minimum border on all four sides. The standard print sizes for a 16 x 20 mat are 11x14, 11x15 and 12x16. The submitted photos can be any of the three sizes indicated above or other custom sizes. The print must fill the mat opening without margins. No backing allowed. Mats with an 11x14 opening will be available for purchase from the Camera Club.
IDENTIFICATION – Clearly print your name, phone number, title of the picture, and the category on the back of the mat, at the top in the center. The maximum number of letters and spaces in the title is 50.
NUMBER OF PHOTOGRAPHS – Maximum of four entries per person.

ENTRY FEE - $3.00 per photo, payable by check to Y’s Men of Westport/Weston Camera Club.
SUBMISSION OF PHOTOGRAPHS – Bring mounted photographs, completed application, and entry fee to the Camera Club Table at Y’s Men meetings from September 14 to October 5, 2017 or to the Senior Center. No entries will be accepted after October 5. You must also email electronic copies of your images to Sal Mollica (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.). Each image file must be named with your last name, first initial, EX14 (for Expo 14), and the entry number of your image, e.g. BrownB.EX14003.jpg. The mounted prints will be used in the judging. The digital images may be used in the awards ceremony.
CLASSIFICATION OF PHOTOGRAPHS – Entrants should classify images into the following categories: Landscape, Waterscape, Architectural, Portrait, Nature, Critter, General, Black & White, Action/Motion, and Smart Phone. The Critter category is intended for all animals, birds, insects, and the like. A Smart Phone image may be submitted for the Smart Phone category or one of the other listed categories but not for both. The Camera Club reserves the right to change the entrant’s classification, add or drop a category based upon the number of entries or reject prints that do not meet the Club standards.
JUDGING – Entries will be judged by a panel of three professional artists/photographers. Judges will consider composition, technique, originality, impact, human interest and fitness to category in selecting the winning entries. The photos will be judged based upon the prints submitted, but the JPEG files of the images must also be submitted.
AWARDS – Best in Show, Best in Category and Second in Category awards will receive both a certificate and a ribbon. Honorable Mention ribbons will be rewarded to the five highest scoring photos of photographers whose photos did not win either first or second place. Only one Honorable Mention ribbon will be awarded to a photographer.
OPENING RECEPTION – Friday, October 20, at 4:00 PM. - The Camera Club and The Center will host a reception for the general public, the Y’s Men and their guests.

NOTE: Although proper care will be exercised, the Camera Club and the Center for Senior Activities cannot be held responsible for loss or damage to prints submitted. 2 Y’S MEN CAMERA CLUB EXPO 14 OFFICIAL ENTRY FORM DATE: NAME ____________________________________ E-MAIL _______________________ PHONE________________________ STREET _______________________________ CITY__________________________________ ZIP_________ NOTE: The maximum number of letters and spaces in the title is 50.

ENTRY 001: CATEGORY _____________________________
TITLE ___________________________________________________________ ____________

ENTRY 002: CATEGORY _____________________________
TITLE ___________________________________________________________ _____________

ENTRY 003: CATEGORY _____________________________
TITLE ___________________________________________________________ _____________

ENTRY 004: CATEGORY_____________________________ TITLE______________________________________________________



The Board has decided to switch to a new gallery at the Senior Center every two months instead of every month.



1. Instead of a field trip for producing gallery photos we introduced a new format in December where we listed a project or theme for the gallery at the Senior Center. The format asks for a minimum of three photos per project/theme and up to nine photos total to be emailed to me by each member with a deadline of two days before the evaluation meetings where we will evaluate and critique the submitted photos and select the 27 that will be hung at the Senior Center gallery.

2. The first two Project/Themes for the January gallery were:

a. Autumn-Winter Trees, and

b. Looking Up/Looking Down

3.  The second two Project/Themes for the March gallery were:

a. Cast Shadows and

b. Signs & Symbols

 4.  The third two Project/Themes for the May gallery were:

 a. Lines to Infinity and

 b. Lines: S Curves/ Diagonals

5.  The fourth two P/Ts for the September gallery were:

a. Deep Depth of Field and

b. Shallow Depth of Field

6.  The fifth two P/Ts for the January gallery are:

a. Rich and Colorful and

b. Backlight/Silhouette

7.  The sixth two P/T's for the March gallery are:

a. Water Reflections and

b. Capturing Motion


Additional Project/Themes for the following bi-monthly galleries are:


In The Forest

Alphabet Soup


Water Flow

Look at the Sky

Twilight Time

Going Around In Circles

Architectual Abstractions


Our plan is to choose two P/T's every two months. This will allow the photographer to shoot photos for future P/Ts as the opportunities present themselves.


Meeting Schedule

February 25, 2014 - We evaluated the 89 March gallery submissions of photos with the "Cast Shadows and Signs & Symbols" themes. We hung the new gallery on Friday, March 7th at the Senior Center. It will be up through the month of April.

 March 11th - We discussed ideas and questions on all things photographic. We also demonstrated some editing techniques using training videos for Lightroom 5. The laptop speaker was inadequate and has been addressed with a new wireless speaker.

March 25th - Another in our series of discussions and sharing of techniques. Plans for field trips are in the works as and if the weather ever warms.  Don't forget to take those Project/Theme photos for submission by April 20th.

April 8th - Discussion of camera settings for best exposure/focus 

April 22nd - We evaluated the 147 May gallery submissions with the "Lines to Infinity and Lines: S Curves/ Diagonals" themes. We will hang the new gallery on May 6th at the Senior Center. It will be up through the month of June.

May 13th - Fran Gallogly presented two photo presentations the first part of the meeting after which we viewed some award winning professional photographs and entertained a discussion on the reasons we may or may not feel the images are exceptional.

May 27th - Cancelled

June 16th - Field Trip to the Bronx Zoo.

June 24th - Computer foul-up by yours truly prevented the Zoo evaluation so it will be held on July 15th instead.

July 15th - This meeting was our first at the new venue in the basement room of the Seton Academy building on the St. Vincent's (Hall-Brooke) campus. Directions: Drive east on Long Lots Rd. and turn left when you come to the ST. Vincents (Hall-Brooke) driveway. Then take the first left turn towards the red brick building called Seton Academy. Either park on the grass before reaching the building or look for a space in the parking area next to the building. Walk behind the building to the second door leading into the lower level. Our meeting room is just inside to the left.

The room is great for viewing photos as it can be made totally dark.

The Project/Theme approach has resumed for the September gallery. The P/T's to shoot for are:  Deep Depth of Field and Shallow Depth of Field.

July 29th - A small but dedicated group of 9 members gathered at Seton Academy for a session on Lightroon 5 which ran 2 1/2 hours and covered topics covering importing photos into LR5, organizing them in the Library module and retouching them in the Develop module that touched on most of the available tools. In attendance were: Balch, Groner, Rubin, Greenlee, Bolle, Perry, Foodman, Messman and Kalman.

Sept. 9th - Our meeting entailed an evaluation of the photos submitted for the Project/Themes of Deep Depth of Field and Shallow Depth of Field.  The gallery will be up until EXPO photos are hung the third week in October.

Sept. 23rd -  David Kalman presented a slideshow of his photographs from two photographic excursions to Italy. This was followed by a  discussion of camera settings for different occasions and editing tips.

Oct. 14th -  There will be no meeting due to preparing for the EXPO 11 opening on Oct. 24th

Oct. 24th - Our EXPO 11 Gala opening was very successful and elicited many comments on the quality of the submissions. Congratulations to all who contributed and especially to Sal Mollica who headed the EXPO team effort and to Lenny Messman who, once again, went home with the Best In Show photo of a barber chair in an abandoned prison in Philadelphia.

Oct. 28th - We met to analyze and comment on the EXPO photos - making constructive suggestions for improvement. It should be interesting to hear David Pressler's comments on the same images on Nov. 10th.

Nov. 10th (Monday) - David Pressler gave us his critique of the EXPO  photographs. There was no meeting on Tuesday, Nov. 11th

Nov. 25th - We had a discussion of the January Project/Themes (see above) as well as planning for the Y's Men wide Smartphoneography contest announced at the general meeting. Finally, we will discuss "Lessons Learned" from this year's EXPO.

Dec. 9th - We will work with Lightroom techniques and Q & A.

Dec 23rd - Postponed to Dec. 30th

Dec. 30th - We evaluated and selected from the 138 photos emailed to Bill Balch on the P/Ts of 

a. Rich and Colorful and

b. Backlight/Silhouette

The 27 selected photos will be hung on Jan. 9th. 

Jan. 9, 2015 - Volunteers hung the January gallery at the Senior Center. Most of the EXPO 11 prints were left on the walls at the request of the Center. We have been asked to populate the halls of the Senior Center with matted and/or framed photos at our discretion as to choice of images and length of display.

 Jan 13th - We will discuss the approach to take in the future for choice of photos and length of display for the walls of the Senior Center. Time permitting, we will have a general discussion on topics of interest to the attendees.

Jan 27th - Cancelled

Feb. 9th - Cancelled. The March gallery will become the April gallery

Feb. 24th - We will meet in the Conference room at the Senior Center from 10 am to noon. Our nearly completed plans for a permanent Camera Club Gallery on the walls of the Senior Center will be discussed and a plan for creating and maintaining these galleries will be our main focus.  This is the most important undertaking for our club since the advent of EXPO so we hope all members make an effort to attend. In addition, we will discuss some ideas for better planning and execution of our club's goals.

Mar. 10th - ( meeting at our new venue at Seton Academy at 10:00am). Our first job will be to select 66 candidates for hanging in the new Senior Center gallery from over 200 images previously selected from EXPOs 2008 through 2014. The photographers whose work is chosen will be asked if they can deliver prints to the Senior Center or at our March 24th meeting or, if not, let us know so others may be selected in their place. The April gallery of 30 photos will be chosen at our March 24th meeting and added to the 66 picked will fill the 96 frames we have available.

The two Project/Theme's for the April gallery are:

a. Water Reflections  and,  b. Capturing Motion.  We'll discuss these themes if time permits.

Mar. 24th - The email submissions to Bill Balch for the April gallery are needed by Mar. 23rd. We will evaluate them at this meeting and the chosen prints should be delivered to the Senior Center by Monday, Mar. 30th.  We will hang them on Tuesday March 31st at 10:00 am in the Senior Center.  We will place the April gallery in the new frames and mats in the area around the pool table. 

March 31st - A group of 11 volunteers worked for two days and finished installing the gallery complete with transparent labels under each frame. A large banner is planned to announce the gallery to the Center's visitors.

April 14th - We had a discussion on the Senior Center gallery. Plans for Spring and Summer field trips were discussed with the suggestion we take Spring outdoor photos for the June/July gallery and plan a trip to Coney Island in July. Chuck Greenlee will investigate a possible combined fieldtrip with the Gardening Club in June. 

April 28th - The meeting had to be cancelled. We hope you go outdoors to take photos for evaluation and critiquing at our May 26th meeting.

Due to a scheduling conflict we have had to cancel the Senior Center Gallery opening planned for May 14th. 

May 12th - We had a discussion of issues pertaining to this year's EXPO 12 plus some educational topics covering several on-camera settings - such as the three legs of shutter-aperture-ISO; bracketing; HDR, etc.  We made a selection of an additional 14 matted prints to add to the gallery when the additional frames are delivered.
The next bi-monthly gallery is planned for the months of July and August while the September and October gallery will follow the planned field trip to Coney Island

May 26th - More general discussion covering camera settings, the new Apple Photos program, the latest changes to Lightroom CC (6), etc.


June 9th Field Trip
The Gardening Club has included our Camera Club on a trip to the Boothe Memorial Park in Stratford on Tuesday, June 9th. There is a lot more to see than the rose garden. 
See June 7th blast email for directions and carpooling. (We are also planning on a trip to Coney Island perhaps in July.
Due to rain on the 9th we went in small groups from the 9th to the 16th.
Tues. June 23rd - We evaluated the 69 photos from our field trip submitted for our July/August bi-monthly senior center gallery. 22 photos were picked and on June 30th with the help of Buddy Rubin, Stan Groner, Hal Foodman, Chuck Greenlee and myself we matted, framed and hung the July/August gallery based on our field trip to the Boothe Memorial Park.
Tues. July 14th - On July 14th eight of us drove to Coney Island in hopes the "chance of a thunderstorm" would not pan out. No such luck. After a bit of sunshine the skies opened up and a series of downpours followed our hurried lunch of Nathan's Famous hotdogs. Hopefully we caught enough images to populate a Sept.-Oct. gallery at the Senior Center.

Tues. July 28th - We evaluated the photos from our Coney Island field trip for our Sept/Oct bi-monthly senior center gallery. Please print your 11" x 14" photos and send your titles to me ASAP. Deliver the prints to the Senior Center by Monday, August 3rd for matting and framing on the 4th.  A discussion of our first gallery after the November-December EXPO 12 led to a suggestion of a Fall trip to Manhattan to take photos for the Jan-Feb '16 gallery.
Month of August - We framed and hung the Coney Island (in the rain) gallery on the 4th which will remain until we hang the EXPO 12 photos on October 22nd. Meetings and preparations have begun for the EXPO which we'll communicate  as we progress to the submission cutoff date on October 8th. You can print a copy of the rules and entry form by going to the flyout menu from this page or click here:
Sept. 8th - We met at the Senior Center conference room where we tested the new judging format using a single iMac Retina 5K computer which the three judges will view when scoring the photos. 
Sept. 22nd - General discussions about EXPO and photgraphy were the subject of the meeting. Specifics of the two days before the EXPO Gala were ironed out including the removal of all old labels followed up by touching up the paint that may come off in the process. Also decided was a section of the Senior Center gallery reserved to display "Legacy" photos deemed excellent enough for more long term exposure (pun intended). Many ideas were advanced for educating the membership in both taking better photos as well as knowing how to improve them in post-editing. Bernie Perry and Larry Untermeyer will report at the next meeting on their contacts with the Milford Camera store and Camera Wholesalers as to sending someone to showcase various cameras, etc.
Oct. 13th - Members are asked to email Bill a photo or two by Oct. 12th at the latest which they think need to be improved with editing. At the meeting we will choose a few photos that will be emailed to every member in hopes they will use whatever editing software and technique they wish to enhance and generally improve the image. Those sending in the photos they have edited must attend the Oct 27th meeting where they will describe what they did to acheive their results.
Oct 19th - Three judges, Silver, Burroughs and Hawk scored all the 83 EXPO prints in competition selecting the 1st, 2nd and BIS photos.
Oct. 21st - A group of hard and fast working members removed all frames and labels in the SC gallery, emptied the frames and replaced with EXPO matted prints, placed new labels and hung all frames back on the walls.
Oct. 23rd - Our EXPO 11 Gala opening was very successful and the first time we had framed and matted prints. Congratulations to all who contributed and especially to Sal Mollica who headed the EXPO team effort.  Bill Balch won Best In Show with a photo of a young couple titled "Whispers of Love"  taken on a club field trip to Coney Island last July.
Oct. 27th - A discussion of the judges and their scores for the attendees entries was followed by one about printing methods and profiles for best results. It should be interesting to hear David Pressler's comments on the same images on Nov 12th.  
Nov. 12th - David Pressler critiqued the EXPO photos on Thursday, Nov. 12th. in the Senior Center media room.
Nov. 24th - cancelled
Dec. 8th - Fifteen of us met at our regular venue at Seton Academy at 10:00 am. Several topics were addressed, from the next bi-monthly gallery to be hung on Tuesday, Jan. 20, 2016, to fieldtrips and a discussion of the most desireable topics for future club meetings.
A decision was made to have a fieldtrip to Brooklyn's Dumbo district at individual or group decided times between now and January 10th with up to 9 emailed images sent to me by Monday, Jan. 11th for evaluation at our regular meeting on Tuesday, January 12th.
An alternative theme will be seasonal photos. The roughly 30 photos chosen should be matted and due at the Senior Center by Jan. 19th for hanging on Jan. 20th.
Dec. 22nd - cancelled
Jan 12th - We evaluated the photos submitted for the gallery to be hung on January 20th. The selected photos were hung on the 20th
Jan 26th - No meeting
Feb 9th - No meeting was scheduled due to both the weather and some members out of town.
Feb 23rd - TBD

Email me with any questions. 

Bill Balch 

Interim President