Proposed Slate of Y’s Men Officers and Directors 2023-2024
Here is the slate of officers and directors proposed by the Nominating Committee. Please scroll down and use the form below to cast your vote.  You will need to enter your Name, E-mail, and vote Yes or No.  Please also remember to push Submit.  
President: Dewey Loselle
1st Vice President: Bruce Borner
2nd Vice President: Doug Weber
Treasurer: Francois Auzerais (incumbent)
Assistant Treasurer: Keith Barber (incumbent)
Secretary: Maury Wind (incumbent)
Assistant Secretary: Richard Wiener (incumbent)
Past President: Baxter Urist 
Communications Chairman: Dick Kalt (incumbent)
Membership Chairman: Ron Holtz
Community Service Chairman: Jim Marpe
Technology Chairman: Neil Goodkind (incumbent)
Trips & Events Chairman: Bill Blaufuss (incumbent)
Our 3 Directors at Large: Nabil Atweh, Julio Perez-Fontan, Bill Haas


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