Annual Meeting and Picnic Meeting – May 21, 201


Marty Yellin opened the meeting by thanking all those who contributed to the club’s success and noting that awards don’t cover all those who probably deserve special recognition

Recognition of service awards were delivered to the following people:  Bill Balch, Jeff Hare, Bill Blaufuss, Lou Bregy, Tom Douglas, Hal Foodman, Roy Fuchs, Peter Kolbrenner, Chris Lewis, Peter Sternbach, Ed Meisner, Mario Ottaviano, Art Greenberg, Ted Voss, and Joel Wasserman. An Outstanding Service award was given to Chris Lewis.

Owl awards were given to Chris Lewis and Hal Foodman.  A portfolio was awarded to Joel Wasserman

The nomination and election of officers and directors for the 2014/2015 year followed the awards.  The following were nominated and elected:

President                      Art Greenburg

First Vice President       Mike Guthman

Second Vice President   Hal Foodman

Treasurer                    Joel Wasserman

Assistant Treasurer      Bob Fox

Secretary                   Ted Voss

Assistant Secretary     Les Wolf


Past President          Marty Yellin

Communications       Sal Mollica

Membership             John Weiss

Community Service   Peter Knight

Historian                 Jeff Hare

Trips and Events      Bill Blaufuss

Directors at Large

  Mike Boyle

  Seth Kaye

  John Brandt

Marty then called on Art Greenburg as the new President to come to the lectern and presented him with a gavel inscribed with Art’s name.

Art thanked the members for nominating him and gave special thanks to Marty and many others for all the help they provided him during the past year.   He then called on all the members to continue to have fun as part of a vibrant fraternal organization and to step up to do the work that is required to keep the Y’s Men functioning efficiently and smoothly.

The formal meeting then gave way to the picnic.