On Thursday, May 24th, the Y’s men held their annual meeting and picnic at Sherwood Island State Park. Jeff Hare, our out-going President, started the meeting by welcoming all of the attendees. At that point Austin Doolittle presented an honorary Owl award to Bill Reynolds, currently living in North Carolina, that reflected all of the outstanding work Bill had done over many years for the Y’s men including numerous leadership roles within the organization. This was followed by Jeff recognizing those members over 90 that still were active participants in the organization. These were: Neil Croarkin, Bob Curtis, Len Fisher, Ted Diamond, and Hank McGiver.

Jeff Hare then presented the formal presentations of certificates of merit for 19 members that performed outstanding service during the past year. This was followed by the presentation of outstanding service award plaques and certificates to three members who were major contributors in many areas throughout the year. The three recipients were Bill Balch, Brian Strong, and Peter Sternbach.

Jeff Hare ,as outgoing president, summarized his major accomplishments for the year, such as adding many new committees, improving new member participation, expanding meeting coverage, seamlessly accommodating the move to the Unitarian Church, and many others that have enhanced the Y’s Men considerably. We all concurred that Jeff was an outstanding President of the Y’s Men.

Mario Sa Couto then read the nominees for the Y’s men 2012-2013 Officers and Directors. They were as follows:


President-Roy McKay

First Vice President-Woody Bliss

Second Vice President-Brian Strong

Secretary-Marty Yellin

Assistant Secretary-Roy Fuchs

Treasurer-Elliott Netherton

Assistant Treasurer-Tom Douglas


Communications-Bill Balch

Community Services-Peter Powell

Historian-Peter Sternbach

Membership-Bill Blaufuss

Past President-Jeff Hare

Trips and Events-John Skinner

Directors at Large-Kirk Gillies, Art Greenberg, Chris Lewi

All nominees were unanimously elected by the members present.

Jeff Hare then passed on the President’s gavel to Roy McKay, the new in-coming President. Roy gave a brief speech thanking the members, remarked upon the “can do” attitude of so many members, and their broad participation in leadership roles. He then talked about the Memorial Day float which will include seven Y’s Men who were Korean War Veterans. He reminded us to help assemble the float on Saturday at 9AM at Kowalsky’s garage.

He closed the meeting by thanking Jeff Hare for his outstanding abilities shown as President, and his calm, caring and professional attitude. He presented Jeff with a crystal cubic rectangle incorporating the Y’s Men owl insignia.

At this point the formal meeting adjourned.

Marty Yellin