Steven Foreman 10/18/12

Fifty years ago Steven Foreman started a successful Boston business becoming a major supplier of tuna fish to restaurants in over 100 different countries. Included is the Subway chain where his company supplies all the tuna fish to over 37,000 stores. He also owns a pet food company. In 1992 he moved from Boston to Boca Raton, Florida where in 2004 he decided to begin a new vocation as an author. Since then he has written 3 bestselling hard cover books and an E-Book. He sold his first book at age 67 and then again at ages 68, 69 and 70. That’s why, he explains, there is so little sex in his books! In comparing his life as both a businessman and an author he prefers being an author because no one ever asked him to “sign a fish”! At his first book signing he begged a lady to buy his book to “help a starving young writer.” She replied: “ Where is he?”

All of his books take place in Boca Raton, which he calls the land of “used to be!” Everyone “used to be” someone else. However you had to have used to be pretty successful to be securely retired in Boca Raton. He stated the same could be said for Westport. His first book entitled Boca Knights plays on the theme of “what we were and what we became”. He introduces Eddie Perlmutter who was a very aggressive hard nosed policeman in NYC before his wife died and he retired to Boca. At Boca Eddie can’t stop being a policeman. He discovers and shuts down a Russian “Mafia” counterfeit ring and is wounded as a result. He starts getting involved and helping in all kinds of issues affecting the people of Boca. He begins to be known as “the Boca Knight” and becomes a hero and a mentor to the people he gets involved with. He starts transforming people and as such becomes transformed himself into a softer more caring person. In summary, according to Foreman, the book shows that it is never too late to become a hero.

His second book is Boca Mournings. In this book Eddie gets involved with a woman who has Alzheimer’s disease and has no memory of her early life. Eddie becomes a caretaker to her and in so doing continues to transform himself into a sensitive and loving human being. Foreman summarizes the theme of this book as it’s never too late to re-identify yourself. Boca Daze, his last hardcover book, is about the seemingly randomness of life. He gets involved with homeless people and drug pushers and finally plays an unplanned role in helping to save newly hatched sea turtles from being eaten by seagulls before they can get from the beach to the water. Using the noise generated by firing his gun he succeeds as best he can in scaring the seagulls away. As a result he gets covered with bird droppings from head to toe. His conclusion is that sometimes crap happens when you try to do the right thing.

During Q&A the following points were made:

1.There may be a movie made from his books… in the future.

2. His last book, Eddie the Kid is an E-Book only.

3. He suggests that the books be read in order.

4. He hasn’t recorded any of his books.

5. He does his writing very early in the morning and puts in 4 or 5 hours a day.

6. He moved to Boca because he got a great deal on his house there.


Thank you Brian for another great speaker.