Susan Granger


Susan Granger, again, gave her thoughts on the year’s Academy Award potential picks.  She noted that there was a fair amount of controversy concerning the subject of diversity with regard to the nominees.  Ms Granger pointed out that only three eligible movies had black starring roles , these being: Creed; Concussion and Straight Outta Compton.  None of these made the grade in Ms Granger’s opinion due to a variety of factors including; mediocre performances, poor studio backing, and watered down scripts.  And if excellence is to be the determining factor, which is the acknowledged goal of the Academy then no disservice was done. 

Despite this, suggestions have been forthcoming on how greater diversity could be achieved in the future.  Such suggestions frequently revolve around the induction of more people of color into the Academy and the forcing out of older white male members who now dominate the Academy’s ranks.  Ms Granger feels this is not possible and would also set up a quota system that would in effect deny membership to more white males and focus on something other than recognizing excellence as the Academy’s goal.

Her predictions for this year’s winners can be found at the Westport Now and Susan Granger Web sites.  Some of the predictions are as follows:

Best Picture:  The Revenant, although she thinks that Spotlight deserves to win.  

Best Director: Alejandro Inarritu

Best Actor: Leonardo DiCaprio

Best Actress: Brie Larson

Best Supporting Actor: Sylvester Stallone

Best Supporting Actress: Alicia Vikander


Q.  Why wasn’t Idris Alba nominated for The Beast of Another Nation?

A.  It was a Netflix movie with a very short theater life and the categories are blurred when it comes to those kinds of movies.

Q.  Should the NBA follow the same approach as the Academy?

A.  It never occurred to me, but I think they should focus on excellence .

Q.  Should the Academy rules be changed with regard to nominations?

A.  No.  I would like to see more branches but not rule changes.

Q.  Should other categories besides Best Picture be expanded?

A.  I don’t think it’s necessary and it could be confusing.

Q.  Wouldn’t setting the number of people of color to be admitted to the Academy be setting quotas?

A.  That’s the danger and it should be avoided.  

Q.  What makes for a great movie?

A.  Difficult to say, but I am coming out with a book entitled “150 Timeless Movies” that answers that question.

Q.  Do movie makers look to Broadway?

A.  Yes, but NYC audiences can be very different than movie audiences around the world and the movie makers want films that make money.

Q.  Is movie attendance going up or down?

A.  Theater attendance is probably down but movie viewers are the same because of Netflix and others as well as DVDs.

Q.  Why wasn’t the Michael Moore movie nominated?

A.  It was agitprop film making.

Q.  Do January release films have an advantage over November, or December releases?

A.  No.  it is just the other way around.

Q.  Isn’t it true that there is little black support for black starred movies?

A.  It is true and that’s why more don’t get made. It’s a business.

Q.  Where do the theater owners make their money

A.  Mostly at the concession stands.

Q.  I don’t like arty sounding critics.  What is your opinion?

A.  They are experts.  I prefer going to experts.

Q.  What was your opinion of Trumbo?

A.  I thought Brian Cranston was wonderful and should win an Oscar, but I don’t think he will.