Rob Reeves 2/7/13

Rob Reeves, CEO of the Family Y, gave an update on the status of the new Family Y. With their Zoning Permit in hand, the Y, after 8 long years filled with controversy, and with extremely hard work by dedicated supporters, finally broke ground on February 5th for Phase One of their new facility at Mahackeno. Rob stated that final repairs due to hurricane Sandy are waiting funding of $500K from the insurance company. 

He told the group that the Y today serves 5,500 people, half of whom are youths, of which 38% are Westport students. The new facility is designed to serve 8,000 and the septic system capacity gives an upper limit of 10,000 maximum. There is ample parking and facilities for all.

Active fund raisers have gathered all but $4 million of the $38.5 million needed to finance this initial phase, and Reeves noted that they have also obtained $2.9 million to ease traffic congestion at the Exit 41 interchange. Reeves looks toward opening the new building in November 2014.

The new facility will substantially strengthen the Y’s ability to continue to “engender healthy living, encourage youth development and be a beacon of social responsibility.” And, despite its location, Reeves said the Y would continue as a “center of community life.” Phase One will be 54,000 square feet, and will include the essential facilities – a large lobby and waiting area; two pools, one of which will have ten 25 yard lanes; a large Health and Wellness center; two gyms and three group fitness studios. It will also have family-friendly areas including a Child Watch gym and five locker rooms – one for dependent adults, another for mothers and sons and fathers and daughters. The 48,000 square foot Phase Two will expand existing spaces and add others that enhance the Y’s community service capabilities.

Reeves recognized Allen Raymond for his important role in the project. He said Sunny Lane has been renamed Allen Raymond Lane, and he awarded Raymond a personal hard hat.

Reeves closed with a “Call to Action,” and asked everyone to “spread the word, open doors and join us.” He also asked for help raising the final $4 million for Phase One. Towards that end they have instituted a large Mosaic that will be in the new lobby. For a donation of $100, your picture will be included in that mosaic.

During Q&A the following points were made:

The lap pool lane width will be 7 feet. It will be 25 yards long and will have 10 lanes.

When asked why the Y was putting money into the existing facility to fix the damage done   by hurricane Sandy, Rob stated that he needed to refurbish it in order to sell it and he needed to continue serving the community until the new facility is finished.

  1. The current facility is 85000 sq. ft. but only 45000 sq. ft. is usable.
  2. As of Jan. 2011 all town and state approvals were given.
  3. A facility that won’t be available at the new Y will be a large room capable of holding meetings like those of the Y’s Men. Will still have a Boardroom and 2 or 3 smaller rooms.
  4. Missing in the first phase will be a Gymnastics and child care center, a youth team center, a racquetball court, a squash court, and a second gym.
  5. There will be no diving capability.
  6. They will not have an affiliation with “Silver Sneakers”.
  7. The exit 41 modifications will start the second quarter of this year.

Thank you again Brian, for an informative and interesting speaker.