Minutes of Y’s Men Meeting of November 17, 2016

Author Barbara Pearson-Rac

Barbara has a BS and MS in science and began as an instructor teaching criminology at UMass, continued her career as a corporate executive and became a novelist at age 60 with her first book “On Track.”  She has since published “All Ears” and is working on her third “Break Even.”

Barbara described her first writing effort as an essay about her dorm room.  Not terribly successful but did get her interested in writing.  In 2001 while commuting to NYC she became friendly with three commuters and sat together daily.  As she got to know them and developed relationships, she wanted to write and was encouraged by them.  Having a long history of reading women writers, she wanted to write for “fun” even though she was interested in mysteries.

Characters were developed based on her commuter friends and she worked to hone her skills in the model of Janet Evanovich. She discussed characters and roles in her books based on her background in crime and criminology, with her books appealing to older audiences.

She noted that her writing method requires a keyboard.  As she types, she creates with the result at times surprising her.  Plots and characters come easily as she obviously has a vivid imagination.

Some aspects of her book are actual events requiring a great deal of research to describe accurately. 

She noted that many ideas come from colleagues and friends and reflect life experiences.

Her journey as an author is the message that everyone has a story to tell.  She is amazed how creative she can be.  It is a “fun” journey.

Question: How are plots developed?  Answer: Does not use an outline but starts with a concept with the plot and characters unfolding as she proceeds.

Question: How are publishers found?  Answer: Does not work with publishers in the usual way.  Uses Amazon’s “Create Space” which is self- publishing.  It is cost free and provides the template to enter the book. She does her own promotion and marketing.