Minutes of Y’s Men Meeting of October 20, 2016

Mr. Michael Barker, Managing Director, Westport Country Playhouse

Mr. David Roth, Director, Staples Players

Mr. Barker talked about the history of the Playhouse beginning when built in 1835, becoming a cider mill in 1880, and turned into a playhouse by the Langner family. He related his educational background, his plans for the upcoming season and urged the audience to see Camelot which has been extended into the first week of November.

Mr. Roth related his educational background, prior experience as an actor, his directing experience and his becoming director of the Staples Players.

The Players were founded in 1957 by Craig Matheson. He initiated the first candlelight program followed by a theater program which was somewhat unique as most communities did not have this type of program.  Mr. Roth went on to describe the various accomplishments and awards the Players have won and the interplay of the Players with the music, drama, dance and technical programs in place at Staples.  He noted that the Players have widespread support from the Westport Board of Ed and the community.

A number of Staples players performed for the Y’s Men.  Jacob Leaf sang “If I Were A Rich Man” from Fiddler On The Roof (not Zero Mostel but very close) and “76 Trombones” from The Music Man (not Robert Preston but very close), the forthcoming musical in November.  Four Players sang the Barber Shop Quartet from The Music Man.  What Talent!!

Submitted by Les Wolf