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Wednesday and Friday Hikes - “Hikers in the Woods”


Bill Blaufuss, Dave Bue, Warren Jahn, Baxter Urist
Contact: Bill Blaufuss -- Email: -- Cell: 203-856-2004




All 7 Days of the Week - “Perambulators”


 Mike Boyle
Cell: (203) 858-9403




The Hiking/Walking groups are one of the most popular activities for the Y’s Men. The weekly email updates go out to over 75 Y’s Men! We have groups that hike in the woods/trails on Wednesdays and Fridays with levels of difficulty to suit everyone. We also have “perambulators” who meet seven days a week to walk various locations around Westport/Weston.

We welcome all Y’s Men. During these tough times of pandemic our walks and hikes have developed a different system from our past organized walks and hikes. The biggest change is that we break into smaller groups of five or less to walk and hike, as outlined below:

Pandemic Hiking Rules

Do not come if you feel bad in any way (cough, fever, bronchial congestion, the odd ache or pain, fatigue, loss of sense of taste or smell, or whatever).

Wait two weeks if you or anybody in your home has had contact with a person who was, may have been or became ill; if  you are anyone in your home  recently returned from an area of heightened Covid-19 activity; or if anyone in tour family has recently been involved in a crowd situation.

Please bring a mask to use for gatherings at the beginning and end of the hike but also for whenever we might congregate during the hike. 

Keep 8 feet apart from your fellow Y’s Men and others before, during and after the hike.

If you need to cough or sneeze, do so into the crook of your arm, facing away from others and bent to direct the cough or sneeze towards the ground.

No hugs, handshakes, fist bumps or the like, avoid talking face-to-face.

Bring Purcell or other hand sanitizer with at least 70% alcohol if you have it.

If you begin to feel bad on the hike, someone will walk you back to the car.

General Hiking Guidelines

Wear proper shoes. Bring water. Dehydration can be a problem. Use hiking sticks if you feel more secure with them. Branches, roots, steep declines, ice, wet slippery surfaces and inattention can quickly lead to a fall. We frequently hike outside the range of cell phones and carry no medical supplies or equipment beyond handling cuts and scrapes. Be aware of the risks and your own limitations and take proper precautions.

Hikes and Walks to Choose From:

A.  Hikers in the Woods – Wednesdays and Fridays mornings - Generally go to beautiful state parks and hike in the woods. We can have no more than five men in any hiking group. So on any given Wednesday or Friday, we may have 2-4 separate hiking groups in different locations and/or at different start times. Wednesday hikes cover 3-5 miles and generally take 1 3/4 to 2 1/4 hours. Friday hikes cover 5-7 miles and take roughly 2 1/2 to 3 hours. The Friday hikes tend to have more challenging ascents and descents, although some Wednesday hikes have their challenges. We hike in Trout Brook Valley, Devil's Den (when we can), Collis P. Huntington State Park and other locations. We tend to be a talkative bunch.

If you want to join the email list for notifications, please contact Bill Blaufuss

Most Wednesdays the Hikers-in-the-Woods and the Perambulators meet up at a restaurant for lunch and a cup of cheer. However, given the COVID-19 Virus our lunch is on hold. We will let you know when this changes.

B.  Perambulators -  (A BRITISH EXPRESSION: Persons who walks, especially for pleasure and in a leisurely way.)
– Perambulator walks are generally on level ground. Every day of the week we meet at specific locations to walk together. Just show up and meet other Y’s Men perambulators. Put your own small group together and saunter for an hour + walk. The objectives are good cheer, active conversation and a restful walk in the outdoors. No announcements are made for these outings, but they do happen every day of the week. If there is threatening weather, you make your own decision if you want to walk. For more information or want updates please contact Mike Boyle;

Here are the daily times and meeting places for the Perambulators walks:


Perambulators Meeting Location

Perambulators Walk Route


1:00 PM - Public Parking lot, 171 Route 7, Wilton - next to Orem’s’ Diner

Walk the Norwalk River Valley Trail – Nice shaded walking trail.


10:00 AM – Grace K. Salmon Park, 88 Imperial Landing, Westport, CT 06880

Walk around various parts of town and back to the park.


10:00 AM - Sherwood Island – Pavilion Parking Lot

Saunter in the woods and along the beach.


1:00 PM - Longshore Marina Parking Lot

Walk down to Compo Beach along water to Elvira’s and back.


10:00 AM - Sherwood Island Pavilion

Saunter in the woods and along the beach.


10:00 AM - Southport Train Station - – Park in front of Paci Restaurant at 96 Station St, Southport

Walk to Southport and back to the train station.


10:00 AM - Westport Train Station – at Donut Crazy Shop (New Haven bound side of station)

Walk across the train bridge down to Longshore and back.


Naturally, there is no cost to the Hiking/Walking Club.

Once again, the leaders for the various Hikes and Walks are listed below. Please feel free to contact us to join our outings.

Chris Lewis: Wednesday and Friday Hikes - “Hikers in the Woods”
Cell: 203-293-5765

Mike Boyle: 7 Days a Week - “Perambulators”
Cell: (203) 858-9403

 "The Y's Men's hiking group enjoy a scenic rest during their hike"


"The Y's Men's at Putnam Memorial Park's Musem" 

Below: Walk through Norwalk's Calf Pasture Beach