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Chairman: Marty Yellin

Phone: 203-246-3287

The purpose of this club is to attempt to discuss relevant information regarding recent discoveries/breakthroughs in Science and Technology utilizing our collective knowledge in physics, chemistry, biology and artificial intelligence. We will meet the first Friday of every month at 2pm usually but not always in room 110 at the church. Check the digital calendar in the back entrance to the church for the room assignment. Topics will be introduced by the members. Examples of areas for discussion include but are not limited to the following:

  • Breakthroughs in medicine especially for Cancer and Dementia.
  • Causes of aging and approaches to help reverse it.
  • The possibilities of CRISPR for modifying genetic errors.
  • Possible solutions to Climate Change.
  • Are Electric Vehicles the right solution or should Hydrogen powered vehicles be the preferred approach.
  • What are the technologies needed to make safer, lighter, more efficient batteries
  • What could Dark Matter be
  • What could Dark Energy be
  • How did the Universe arise from “nothing”
  • What is Artificial Intelligence and its implications
  • What are quantum computers and how do you program them

“Nobel Prizes will be awarded for members solving these questions.”