Global Issues Discussion Group

Moderator – Peter Chelico
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The mission of the Global Issues Discussion Group (GIDG), one of the more popular activities in the Y’s Men’s arsenal, is to keep members engaged with world affairs and stimulate discussion about world events as they unfold. The group meets every other Monday throughout the year, except during the holidays, and averages about 30+ attendees. One of the elements that makes the group dynamic is that it includes many Y’s Men who have worked for companies or other organizations dealing in international issues. Some have had extensive international travel for work and some have lived abroad for extended periods of time. Their experience provides the group with important personal insights into current affairs, politics, history and local culture.

The group focuses on exploring current international issues, chosen by the members at each meeting. Discussing highly partisan domestic political issues isn’t on the menu. Topics include events within individual countries, countries within a specific region, trade partnerships, defense and trade alliances (NATO, G7, TPP), as well as global issues impacting all of us such as climate change, energy, racism, water scarcity and poverty. Participants may engage actively in the discussions or just attend to stay informed. At the end of each meeting, the group decides on the topic for the next meeting. During the intervening two weeks, the Moderator frequently circulates materials to help the group prepare for the upcoming meeting, thus enriching the discussion. We meet at 9AM in Room 203 at the Saugatuck Congregational Church. There is no cost to joining the Global Issues Discussion Group, and all Y’s Men and their significant others are welcome to attend. Notifications of upcoming subjects are included in the Y’s Men Newsletter.

On behalf of the Group and as moderator, I look forward to welcoming you to participate in our meetings.

Peter Chelico

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