Bill Blaufuss
Cycling/Biking List Keeper

Hi, Bill Blaufuss, a cyclist who maintains a list of some 50 YM members who cycle. At this time, the club does not have an organized cycling group, nor an organized cycling program. Part of the reason: Our cyclists are a varied lot and their cycling interests vary a lot.

  • Some only want to do short rides.
  • Others like to do longer hauls.
  • Some aren’t willing to mingle with cars and trucks (and thus prefer rail trails).
  • Others are willing to cycle in the presence of motor vehicles.

So, the purpose of this list is to enable cyclists to email the other cyclists.

If you’re going out cycling, you can email the others and invite them to join you.

Who’s doing what lately?

The only recent outings have been to the Farmington Canal Heritage Trail, a rail trail. A few of us do this on Tuesdays and/or Fridays from around April through November, conditions permitting. Departing from Hamden, we go as far as 22 miles round trip. But this can be whatever one wants to do because it is out-and-back.

This trail is beautiful and, except for 5 or 6 traffic-controlled road crossings (traffic lights and stop signs), is entirely vehicle-free.

So, the door is open to doing whatever kinds of cycling activities that one would want to do.

Again, there is no organized structure to our group. There’s no leader except you when you invite others to join you on what you do.

So, it’s a matter of anyone posing an idea, a date, and a destination to all the others and giving it a go.

Contact me and I’ll give you the latest list to which you can address your invitation.


Bill Blaufuss
Cycling/Biking List Keeper