Science Fiction Book Group

CHAIR: Stephen Bentkover
Cell: 203-219-4881

We have formed a new book group which will read from almost two hundred years of classic and current sci-fi and possibly even some fantasy authors. The group will meet every 4-5 weeks at the VFW in Westport, at 4:00 PM, to discuss the book which we have read.

Many of us have read Science Fiction as younger men, and perhaps forgotten the depth of intellect, science fact, and storytelling ability of even the earliest sci-fi authors. There is an incredibly long listof brilliant authors to choose from with the likes of Asimov, Clarke, EE Doc Watson, Bradbury, LeGuin, Alan Dean Foster, Burroughs, Gaiman, Heinlein, Ishiguro, Robert Jordan and literally 100’s more.

Members bring their choices of books to read to our meetings and we will choose our next title from among those brought to us by members.

For information, please contact Stephen Bentkover at