Acting Chairmen: Chuck Greenlee
Phone: 203-858-4085 (Chuck)


Back Up: Steve Taranko


Contributor: Lou Rolla
Cell: 203-984-0241 (Lou)

GREETINGS new prospective members … contact either Chuck, Lou, or Steve. See our past calendars and check out our activity schedule below. We try to meet monthly and have events on Wednesdays.

There are gardening tips at the bottom of this page.


Welcome to the Y’s Men Garden Club. We get together and visit each other’s gardens, share plants, seeds, and gardening tips and knowledge. We have all types of gardeners everything from ornamental trees, flowers, vegetables, sun to shade.

We have outings to visit local nurseries, award winning private gardens in the Tri-State area and trips to botanical gardens. See the list below of some of our outings. Several members have town garden spots at Long Lots School. Also we have Master Gardeners in for speaking presentations. Most Importantly our members range from true amateurs to true experts!


We try to meet monthly regularly as needed and have events on Wednesday where possible. Some events are available for friends and significant others!


There are no dues for the garden club. We get together from time-to-time and have lunches, etc are split evenly among attendees!


New prospective members … please contact either Chuck, Lou, or Steve and Make sure you get on our garden club email list since that is the way we communicate about meetings and outings.


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Mark Yurkiew’s Garden and House Tour:

Garden tour with Mark Yukiew

Yurkiew garden 7

Harry Audley Garden Planning and Techniques:

Harry Audley 7


Deer Repellant – From March session at Sr Ctr w/Diana Ringelheim
Use a Deer Repellant as follows:
Wisk one egg. Mix with 4 times volume of water and add a drop of detergent.
Filter through a fine mesh metal sieve. Does not keep well so throw it away when finished.
Spray on plants and bushes. Deters deer for 30 day.
Does not smell. May also deter other animals.
Stuff does not keep well so throw it away when finished.

New pruning concept – From March session at Sr Ctr w/Diana Ringelheim
Drastically prune top off large bushes to let the light down the center and encourage growth from within.
Normal pruning of the outside branches will encourage growth at the end and leave the bush hollow.
Steamy, warm day but interesting meeting with their Joe Gloria, Gilbertie’s

  1. Pyrethrum – An effective organic pesticide. For most effectiveness try spraying at night using with a flashlight to hit nocturnal insects that are hidden in daylight. This wet warm summer has wreaked havoc on larger than normal scale with insects.
  2. Fertilmulch aka Sweat Peat very effective mulch. Also avail in bags as Green Envy.
  3. Incrediball Hydrangea recommended with thicker stem for easier pruning and gorgeous full flowers.
  4. Not enthusiastic about BellaAnna. Also an Ever Blooming Hydrangea may have some problems with some mislabeling, etc.
  5. OxiDate – A VERY effective Bactericide/Fungicide used in VARYING dosages for far ranging things from crops, to ponds, to patios. Google for more info!!

– Virginia Creeper – A problem around here. Pull it !
– Mustard Garlic – Get rid of mustard garlic, an invasive Asian import that spreads quickly. Don’t compost it.

Mustard Garlic