The Jazz Club

Chairman: Jeff Hare

The Y’s Jazz Club meets at noon once a month at the Westport VFW on Riverside Avenue. A full lunch is served; then we enjoy large-screen video performances by jazz legends. Also, there are biographical sketches of each performer. Lunch price: $25, bar drinks extra. Pay there.

In advance of each meeting, a notice will be sent to the entire Y’s Men membership announcing the featured performers and their songs.

In order to help the VFW with planning food preparation, please contact Jeff Hare following the announcement if you plan to attend.

Do join us for fine music, fine food and Y’s Men fellowship.


          Photo of Jazz Club at 1/18/23 Lunch and Meeting




History of the Jazz Club – We’re 10 years old in 2022 !

From Brian Strong, an Original Founding Member

This year is the 10th Anniversary of our Jazz Club.  It all started in March 2012.I have reprinted below the invitation to our first meeting with the names of the Y’s Men who got the Club going. Following that is a short discussion of how we have evolved:

“Gentlemen Jazz Lovers, I think we have the makings of a lively jazz appreciation group within our Y’s Men Club.

We will have our first listening’discussing/lunching get together at Bertucci’s in Westport right after our regular Y’s Men meeting on Thursday March 29. We will have the area in the back to the right.  Hopefully you have some jazz riffs to bring on your mp3 player – ipod, iphone, ipad – anything with an audio out jack. I have the cable or you can connect by bluetooth if you prefer. In any case bring your jazz stories and questions and we will certainly have a great discussion. Please let me know you will attend.

I have included below our interest group to date.

Ed Bloch (Ed)
Barry Cregan
Al DeLardi
Ernest Ferrari
Micky Golomb
Stan Groner (Stan)
Jeff Hare (jeffh)
Bill Hass (billh)
Rees Himes (reesh)
Hal Kendig
Ralph Levitan (Ralph)
Larry Lich
Hank McIver
Sal Mollica (Sal)
Gary Raschella
Henry Roehr
Stu Rogan
Peter Sternbach (peterS)
Alan Stoltz (Alan)
Brian Strong (rbs)


Each and every member has contributed to our listening and appreciation in some way. I would like to especially make note of Ralph Levitan who for many years was our club leader and fellow jazz lover. Also Micky Golomb who was himself an accomplished Jazz saxophonist. Note also that Jeff Hare, our leader now, was There at the start! You will likely note that the technology has changed quite significantly in ten years. Whereas we primarily depended on CDs and then DVDs starting out that has now all expanded to become streaming content which can be conveniently downloaded for our meetings. And of course a wide range of live performance recordings are now available to us giving us wonderful video content to enjoy. We are fortunate to have been around to hear and see the rebirth of Jazz Appreciation.

Brian Strong