Y’s Men Friends Grief Support Group

Here are the 3 founding principles of the group:

  • Who do we support? We support fellow Y’s Men who have suffered the loss of their wives or significant others. We are all vulnerable to this happening and view the formation of the group to be an important addition to the Y’s Men’s organization.
  • What do we want to achieve? Positive companionship to help overcome the sense of loss and loneliness. We envision small group encounters as simple as home visits, Y’s men activities, lunches, coffees, drinks etc. We agreed to hold critiques of our actions in order to get this right.
  • Who makes the first call? We want the first call to be made by a friend. We are a group of 13 that represent a decent cross section of Y’s Men’s activities. It is likely that one of us will know the member or know someone who knows him well. We want that person to make the first call. Three members of this group have already experienced a loss.

The primary contact is Jay Dirnberger at 917-841-8314 and jaydirnberger@gmail.com