Bocce Club News


The Bocce Club will commence its new schedule on Monday September 1st. at 10:15 AM. We will play at Veterans Park (Reef Road)in Fairfield. We will continue this Monday schedule until the Y’sMen Thursday meetings end in May or June. At that time we will return to our Thursday schedule
Our first season was a wonderful mix of good friendship, friendly competition and just good old fun.

Our bocce games are reminiscent of the old school yard days as we choose up sides and play in teams. We  always allow latecomers to join an existing game if there aren’t enough people to start a new game. No one is left out.  There are six courts available and at 10  or 10:30 in the morning  they are available.

Please come and join us. If you are tired we will pick up your balls



“Throwing balls toward a target is the oldest game known to mankind. As early as 5000 BC the Egyptians played a form of bocce with polished rocks. The game spread to Greece and to Rome.

The Romans were among the first to play a game resembling modern bocce. They first started with coconuts brought from Africa and later used balls carved from olive wood.

The game spread throughout Europe and was so popular that it was often banned because it took too much time from military practice (Kings Carlos V and VI).

In 1576 bocce was publicly condemned by the Republic of Venice and the Catholic Church because was deemed to be gambling.

According to legend, Francis Drake refused to set out to save England until he finished a  game similar to bocce.

The game came to America in the English version called bowls from the French boule (ball) and was played on grass. Bowling Green in Manhattan was once a playing  field

and George Washington built a court at Mt. Vernon in the 1780’s


Throw out a pallino and become part of the long heritage of the game and from great thinkers such as Galileo and  da Vinci, to rulers such as Augustus and Queen Elizabeth, and even George Washington.”

Come join the Y’s Mens Bocce Club  and become a part of history.

 Veterans Park is on Reef Road in Fairfield about 3/4 mile south of the Post Road.


For more information contact
Bob Fox
203 226 1796