(Note 1: Ctrl = Control key on a PC, Command is the corresponding key on a MAC)

(Note 2: If this font size is too small try to read tip #6 below)

1.) Printing just part of an email.  Select (highlight) the part you want to print and click on the Forward button.  Now delete all blank space at the top. File>Print.

2.) Subject line. At first leave blank. Make your first sentance a brief but descriptive one. Now copy (Ctrl/Command C) and Paste (Ctrl/Command V) the sentance into the Subject line.  

OR, if you can, make the entire email message short enough to put in the Subject line and leave the email body blank. i.e. “Meeting today at 10 am – please confirm (eom)” – eom = end of message.

3.) Folders – Make use of them – Sub-folders too. For instance, make a main folder that reads “Y’s Men” Then make subfolders under that such as Hiking, Boat Group, Float, etc. Don’t delete your messages – file them!

4.) Sent mail. Forgetting to file your responses? No problem – go to your mail program’s Preferences and check a box usually labelled something like “Auto BCC yourself”. Now your sent messages will come back to you for filing without forgetting.

5.) Do friends send you emails addressed to dozens of others with all of their email addresses clearly visible in the To: line? Great (not!) Now those guys resend the mail on to another huge group of friends without deleting the first list from the body of the email. Before long hundreds or thousands of people have their hands on your email address and your name. From now on send all your blast type emails to YOURSELF! Simply put your recipients’ addresses in the BCC (Blindcopy) line. Your email will show only your own address in the To: line and none other. In the future reply to your friends who send you jokes, etc. with the suggestion above, and if you resend the email, delete all the many headings that have accumulated above that stupid joke.

6.) Font Size – Going blind reading tiny type? Simple, just press Ctrl/Command>+ (plus sign) to increase the type size. Repeat until it is large enough. A related tip is when you have scrolled to the bottom of a long page and want to go back quickly to the top: Press Ctrl/Command>Up Arrow, voila!


1.) Latest Info: Our Newsletter is a monthly document. To double check on Speakers, Trips info, etc. go to the related page on the website to see if anything has been updated since the Newsletter was prepared.

2.) Want to know who the new members are? Click on Membership>New Members to see a chronological listing many with photos (if the new member has come to a meeting with his red dot showing on his badge so Larry can take a mug shot).

3.) If you’ve ever wondered what members have served on our Board of Directors going all the way back to 1977 now you only have to click on Home>History and scroll down (thanks to Peter Sternbach).