Director – Mário Sá Couto


Phone: 203-227-4077 or 203-722-1495

Assistant Director – Bob Sussman

Phone: 203-226-1681

Please e-mail or call Mario or Bob to secure a position on our mailing list ! 

Hello Fellow Bridge Players!

The Y’s Men play Bridge once a week on Fridays, all year round.

The Friday game is really for experienced players interested in competitiveness. By voted decision at the end of 2015, we normally play Duplicate. Chicago will be the fallback, in case the proper number of players or the absence of a director will turn a Duplicate session not possible. The venue is the Westport Center for Senior Activities from 12:00 to 4:00 pm. Mário Sá Couto (203-227-4077 or 203-722-1495) is the Director and Bob Sussman (203-226-1681) the Assistant Director.

If you are a beginner or a player that has not been active for some time (maybe since college…), we encourage you to try to form a foursome and try to play some Rubber Bridge before you join the Friday Bridge sessions. If you encounter difficulties in doing it, contact Mário Sá Couto or Bob Sussman who will try to help. You can either play at the Westport Center for Senior Activities or play at the residence of one of the partners that would like to host the group.

Typically there are three playing seasons for Friday Bridge:

the Fall Season (from the first Friday in September to the second or third Friday in December),

the Winter/Spring Season (from the first Friday in January to the last Friday in May), and

the Summer Season (from the first Friday in June to the last Friday in August).

Players for the Friday game are registered as Regular or Substitute Players. Regular Players are expected to play every Friday or, in case they can’t play, to notify the Director or the Assistant Director not later than the prior Thursday evening. Substitute Players will be contacted as needed to fill vacancies.

Please contact us if you are interested in playing Bridge.