Camera Club

Welcome to the Y’s Mens Camera Club. If you are interested, please join our club to ensure you get on our email list. We will then keep you posted via email on our club activities; meeting dates & times, and guidelines for our meetings. Feel free to email or call us if you want more information. Sal, Hal & Greg
Co-Chair: Hal Foodman
Cell (203) 451 1153
Co-Chair: Sal Mollica
Cell (203) 984 4581


View / Download a PDF version of the pdf2023 Expo Rules and Entry Form here….

    The mission of our club is to encourage its members to take photos and help each other learn better shooting and digital editing techniques. Photographers with all levels of knowledge are welcome.

    At our meetings we choose themes for members to shoot, and then show at subsequent meetings for discussion and learning purposes. This provides a lively opportunity to critique photos and learn how to improve our images.

    Our meetings have been on-line using zoom.

    We are hoping that later this year we will again be able to resume in person meetings at the church.

    During the pandemic we have not been charging our regular yearly $15 membership dues. We will resume the dues fee when we can again meet in person.

    Meetings are scheduled for 9:30 am the second and fourth Tuesday of each month.
    We also schedule excursions for taking photos and currently encourage members to travel independently and social distance at the destination.

    We periodically have experts join our meetings to discuss topics of interest, e.g., the pros and cons of mirrorless cameras, tips on using photo editing software, etc. We will be interfacing with the newly formed Travel Club to increase photo opportunities for both clubs.

    Again, anyone interested in photography at any level is encouraged to send Hal or Sal their email address or call us to learn more and get on our club email list.

    • Every year in conjunction with the Westport Senior Center we hold our annual “Expo” photo contest in the September – November time frame. This year will be no exception.

View / Download a PDF version of the pdf2023 Expo Rules and Entry Form here….